Pumpkin Picking on Film | North Oaks, Minnesota Film Photographer

Yesterday I got some film scans back.  I’ve been using a 35mm Canon EOS 3 Film camera and sometimes a really old (from the 70’s) Canon A-1 Film camera.  I’ve just fallen in love with film again, I think I might actually start saving for a Contax medium format film camera because I’d really love to offer amazing film sessions for my clients.  Anyway I just wanted to share a personal time with my kids on film because you know I don’t share that much personal stuff on my blog, so here goes! These were all shot on Fuji 400h film on my 35mm EOS 3. Enjoy!

Michele is a lifestyle portrait photographer in North Oaks, Minnesota.  She photographs children and their families both on location and in her studio in Northeast Minneapolis.  To schedule your next session with Michele please visit mQn Photography | Twin Cities Photographer or e-mail michele@mqnphotography.com