Generations Client Magazine Spring 2016 ~ North Oaks, Minnesota Child & Family Photographer

If you are thinking about scheduling a session this spring then please take a look at our Spring 2016 Client Magazine.  Inside includes information on the session process, choosing location and props, a spring what to wear guide and much more!  Take a peek inside: (just click on the magazine to upload the PDF)

Child & Family portrait magazine spring 2016 mQn Photography


Just so you know what’s inside:

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mQn Photography is a lifestyle portrait photographer specializing in creating moments that will last a lifetime through images and products suited to your needs.  Contact Michele at to schedule your session now.


All Shook Up ~ 1950’s Inspired Photo Session; Halloween 2015

Every year we try to do a theme session for the kids Halloween costumes.  I can’t believe after all these years they still choose to coordinate with each other!  I love it!  And even this year I told them they didn’t have to match but they wanted to.  I had a busy fall with clients so I didn’t get out with the kids as early as I wanted to but we managed to get out before Halloween and have some fun!  Tyler wanted to be Elvis but he wanted to be a young Elvis not the 1970’s lounge Elvis.  He ended up more Greaser than Elvis but that’s ok.  Enjoy!


Letters to Our Children; September ~ Minnesota Portrait Photographer

Dear Tyler & Kendall, I missed writing you a letter last month because we were on vacation enjoying out California time!  And then we came back and my computer crashed!  Thank goodness all our vacation photos have been backed up!  But maybe next month I’ll write a letter about our vacation this month I wanted to share the pictures we did before vacation.  We had so much fun looking for a “sandlot” to do our very own baseball session.  I mean seriously do you remember how much fun it was to get dirty.  Brand new t-shirts and shoes and I actually told you to go out and kick some dirt around and get dirty.  Good times!  So this month is all about the pictures (over share alert)!  I hope you enjoy as much as I did taking them and editing them! (and again so thankful I have online back-up because it would have really sucked to have lost all these fun images).  Love you both all the numbers!

Sandlot 1 Sandlot 2 Sandlot 3


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