Centennial High School Senior Session | Twin Cities, Minnesota Senior Photographer

Well for this senior session we did not have the best weather but we didn’t let that stop us!  And it never rained too hard on us that we couldn’t keep shooting well except once but we just hid under a tree for a brief moment.  That’s the thing with fall, sometimes it’s hot or too cold or too windy or even just plain rainy.  But in-spite of all that fall is one of the most beautiful times of year.  Meet this senior who will be graduating from Centennial High School this year.  She spends her afternoons as a nanny but plans on college after high school.  Good things are in store for her and I can’t wait to see what her future holds.

Michele is a lifestyle portrait photographer in North Oaks, Minnesota.  She photographs children (& big kids) with and without their families both on location and in her studio in Northeast Minneapolis.  To schedule your next session with Michele please visit mQn Photography | Twin Cities Photographer or e-mail michele@mqnphotography.com


Senior Session Sneak Peeks | North Oaks, Minnesota Senior Photographer

It amazes me all the time how fast time goes by.  Talking with this senior during his session just reminded me how soon my own son will be doing senior pics (I wonder if he’ll let me take them?)  I mean we still have 7 years but it’s going to be here before I know it!  Ok so I’m just going to enjoy the next few years but this guy is off to big things after high school.  Enjoy your last year ruling the school.

Michele is a lifestyle portrait photographer in North Oaks, Minnesota.  Photographing students for the Mounds View School District is a summer tradition for the seniors.  To schedule your senior session please visit mQn Photography | Twin Cities Lifestyle Photographer or e-mail michele@mqnphotography.com

Top Tips for a Sensational Senior Photo Session | Moundsview School District Senior Photographer

It’s completely normal to feel a little awkward when taking senior portraits. Many seniors tend to feel self-conscious about their appearance because they feel uncomfortable taking photos on their own.

Below are our top five tips for taking on your senior portrait with grace and confidence and leaving with photos that you will love for years to come.

Use your eyes.

Use your eyes to express emotion. When you smile naturally your whole face lights up and your eyes look bright and awake. Before the photo session practice smiling in the mirror and use different expressions to see what looks best.


Great photos happen when the subject is relaxed and confident. Let the excitement of you photo session show through the lens as you take a moment and breathe, relax and just have fun. You may feel silly during this process but I will do everything we can to help you feel more comfortable.


This may sound obvious but breathing is key to capturing a natural look. Take time to  practice taking a deep breath while smiling in front of the mirror.  Slowly release the air while holding the smile and notice how your face and eyes settle into a natural and relaxed expression. Allow your eyes to “smile” by focusing on the apples of your cheeks pressing upwards. When in doubt, just breathe.


Staying stationary can sometimes produce a very staged and cheesy look. Just because you are sitting or standing still doesn’t mean you can’t change the angle of your body to create a look that is fresh and inspired. Try leaning into the camera slightly to appear more engaged, shift your weight from left to right, or simply move your chin slightly up and down for different shots as this gives us a variety of facial expressions to work with.


This goes for everyone. Ladies, spend some extra time getting your hair blown out, get your makeup done and choose an outfit that makes you look and feel your best. As for the men, take a shower and shave. When you look your best, you feel your best and when you feel your best, you are naturally more confident. Go the extra mile to walk into your senior session feeling confident, attractive, prepared, and inspired.

Michele is a lifestyle photographer in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.  She specializes in children and their families but takes on the occasional seniors in the Mounds View school district.  To schedule your next session with Michele email michele@mqnphotography.com or visit mQn Photography | North Oaks, Minnesota

Ekblad Family & Senior Session Sneak Peak ~ North Oaks, Minnesota Family Photographer

I had the honor of photographing this great family and one of their daughter’s senior images.  Its not often I get to photograph families with older kids but its so nice when I do.  I love little kids but lets face they don’t always do what I ask them to do.  Older kids, they get it, they want it done and they do what you say.  Easy peasy!  🙂  Anyway here are some random images from the Ekblad’s family session!  Enjoy!

Ekblad-222 Ekblad-231 Ekblad-109 Ekblad-164 Ekblad-261

Zeller Sneak Peeks ~ North Oaks, Minnesota Senior Photographer

I don’t normally do senior portraits but but when Peter’s mom asked if I would take him around the neighborhood, it was hard to say no.  Besides I love trying new things and he’d have to be easier than a two year old, right?  Definitely lower key than a toddler.  🙂  Peter is a great “kid” with lots of talent and he’s going places!  Enjoy your last year of high school!

Zeller 031 Zeller 054 Zeller 067 Zeller 113