All Shook Up ~ 1950’s Inspired Photo Session; Halloween 2015

Every year we try to do a theme session for the kids Halloween costumes.  I can’t believe after all these years they still choose to coordinate with each other!  I love it!  And even this year I told them they didn’t have to match but they wanted to.  I had a busy fall with clients so I didn’t get out with the kids as early as I wanted to but we managed to get out before Halloween and have some fun!  Tyler wanted to be Elvis but he wanted to be a young Elvis not the 1970’s lounge Elvis.  He ended up more Greaser than Elvis but that’s ok.  Enjoy!



Letters to Our Children; November ~ North Oaks, Minnesota Photographing Dreams Photographer

Dear Harry & Hermione (Tyler & Kendall),

How much fun did we have for Halloween?  We have been doing these shoots for quite a few years now and I just love them.  You know how I adore that I can get you guys to complement each other in your costumes every year and yes I know this may be the last year.  😦  We’ve had a good run though.  I have to say it really made my day when you said, one of the good things about me being a photographer is that I can take pictures of you guys like this.  We take pretend play to a whole other level don’t we? Enjoy!

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Lensbaby Project ~ October/Halloween

Just in time for Halloween this month I’ve chosen to focus on our first “scary” costumes.  Every year we’ve done something pretty cute like an elephant and a flower, pirates, shark and mermaid, little red riding hood and the big bad wolf, Batman and Wonder Woman and finally last year Alice and the Mad Hatter in wonderland.  This year the kids begged to be a vampire and a witch; how could I say no  . . .  this holiday is really for them.  I think the Lensbaby really added to the feel of our scariness.

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