Giving Back

Michele is honored to be a participating photographer for The Tiny Footprints Project (TTFP) whose goal is to offer “complimentary professional photography sessions for families with infants living in the NICU”.  TTFP is nationwide so if you know a family who would benefit from this let them know. TTFP can be found on Facebook and online at


The Tiny Sparrow Foundation is a non-profit foundation that provides professional photography, free of charge, to families of children with life threatening illnesses. These photos will provide the families with the gift of precious memories. Photographers donate their time and talent by taking beautiful pictures of children who are facing life threatening illness. The photographs are then put into a 10×10 coffee table album so they can share it with their friends and family. Tiny Sparrow creates the album soon after the session takes place as many participating families spend a lot of time in the hospital and they enjoy sharing the album. The photos become a little ray of sunshine in their darker days. Families are also provided with a CD of photos which includes full copyright prints). Consider making a donation to the Tiny Sparrow Foundation.

Visit their website so they can continue to dedicate lasting memories through the beautiful art of photography.mQn Photography Giving Back

To see tributes I’ve had the pleasure of participating in click here.



Have a fighter?  Know a fighter?

If you or someone you know would love a photography session with mQn Photography and they are overcoming obstacles and odds please e-mail Michele enjoys giving back so please don’t hesitate to ask.


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