How to Prep for a Photo Session with Your Pet | North Oaks, Minnesota Pet Photographer

For many people, pets are furry members of the family. It comes as no surprise that they want to include their pets in their photos. Including your pets in your photo session does require a little extra preparation but it is certainly doable.

Below are a few tips to prepare you for your photo session with your pet.

To make this work, you will need to get your pet to sit still and behave. Pets can get very excited when new people are around so let your pet become acquainted with your photographer beforehand. Bring treats and toys that your pet enjoys so that you have something to use to grab their attention if necessary.

Keep a leash or harness ready, just in case. Even though your pet might be well trained, it never hurts to be prepared. You may also want to arrange your poses so you can hold onto your pet securely without it looking like you are hanging on for dear life. Your photographer will help you with this.

If you know that your photo session is going to take some time, give your pets the chance to take breaks, walk around and drink water. You won’t be able to force a pet to sit still if they are thirsty or agitated.

As a pet owner you probably know how perceptive your animals are to energy and emotions, so it’s important that you are relaxed when you get to your pet photo session. If you really want to keep your pets relaxed too, try and arrange your photo session in a place where your pet will feel most comfortable such as your garden or a park.

For the best results, try and work with a photographer that has previously worked with animals. This will help make the process of photographing your pets even more enjoyable.

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Bloom Lake Barn with Matilda Jane | Shafer, Minnesota Family Photographer

Last week we held an afternoon of mini sessions at The Bloom Lake Barn. It is such a beautiful wedding venue but we got to use it for our sessions and it was perfect! I’ve mentioned before I love these sessions and it’s not just the cute clothes the girls wear but these sessions aren’t always about the clothing either. This time I was even fortunate to photograph a couple of handsome seniors. It’s fun to mix it up. Anyway here are a few sneak peeks from the day. I can’t wait to post my favorites on Facebook. Stay tuned . . .

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Unique Photo Session Ideas You’ll Love | North Oaks, Minnesota Child & Family Photographer

There is nothing quite like capturing memories with your loved ones. Are you someone who enjoys taking beautiful pictures of you and your family?  Then you are probably always on the lookout for inspiration for your next photo session. Before I show you some unique photo ideas I want to share a special surprise at the end of this post!  I’m taking part in a blog circle with some photographer friends of mine.  We’re linking to each other’s posts, so you can check out what they’re up to. This month, I’m linking to a wonderful wedding photographer in Coffs Harbour, who’s sharing images from her recent wedding.

Now, below are some unique photo ideas that you’ll love.

  • Family history. Are you a fan of the photos that your grandparents or even great grandparents have taken? Why not replicate them yourself? If you have access to an item that’s been handed down the generations then bring it to your session. Whether an old car or a vintage dress, we could have fun!
  • First and last day of school. To commemorate the first day of school, how about a school themed sessions.  These sessions go over really well before school starts because this is when the kids are getting excited to start back up.  I have these awesome vintage desks that kids love to play with.  I use them every first day of school with my own kids (and last day) You better believe we are doing those pictures until the day they graduate!  
  • Pregnancy pictures. There are many fun ways to show your progress through pregnancy and documenting it with photos is the perfect way to capture this time in your life. Years from now you’ll be able to take your child through your journey before you got to meet them and share that special moment with them.  This is also a good time to do a gender reveal.
  • Pet portraits. If your pet is a member of your family then capturing memories with them is just as important. There are so many great ways to take some amazing photos whether it’s outside at a park or in the comfort of your own home.

    Oh and don’t forget to follow along the blog circle.  There’s a group of five of us this month, and next up is my friend Claire from Coffs Harbour.  Click here to check our her blog post: Coffs Harbour Wedding Photographer

    Michele is a lifestyle portrait photographer in North Oaks, Minnesota.  She also has a studio in the Northeast Minneapolis neighborhood.  To schedule your next session with Michele visit: mQnPhotography | North Oaks, Minnesota Photographer or e-mail

The mQn Photography Studio Space | North East Minneapolis Studio Photographer

I am so excited to announce my leap into renting a shared studio space in Northeast Minneapolis.  It’s such a beautiful space.

This month I’m participating in a blog circle with a few photographer friends from all over the globe!  At the end of this post, be sure to click my friend Hali’s link to follow the circle around.  Hali is from Rochester, NY.   You’ll get a glimpse of her getting in the frame on her blog.  It’s so important for us photographers to get in the frame too!  Which is way you’ll see me below too in my new studio space . . .


If you are on Instagram then you may have already heard but I wanted to officially put it on the blog.   It’s the perfect space for families, newborns, babies or older children.  It’s just the perfect amount of vintage/rustic I love and also a great space for cake smashes and all kinds of other ideas I have brewing in my mind.


And if the actual studio space wasn’t enough there are lots of common areas to access too which is great for older kids and seniors!


I’m really hoping to be able to utilize the space most of winter when it’s just too cold to go outside and all other times in the year when a client’s home just isn’t what they want.  I will still be offering my services for outdoor/indoor on location sessions as well as in-home lifestyle and fresh 48 and NICU sessions at the hospitals. But for all the other times you can come see me here.


And if you missed the Facebook announcement earlier.  You won’t want to miss out on this discount.


I’m now booking spring (and summer) sessions for 2017.  If you’re interested in a session head over to the investment page on my website which shows sessions and pricing.  Be sure to contact me as soon as possible, as I only take a limited number of sessions per month.  I would love to talk with you!

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There are four of us in the circle this month, I hope you enjoy traveling along from Minnesota to New York, up to Toronto and then down south to Georgia.

Michele is a lifestyle portrait photographer and whether she is on location or in studio she captures children and their families in meaningful ways.  To schedule your next session with Michele please e-mail or visit the contact us page on the website.  You can click here to get directed: Michele Quattrin Photography | Northeast Minneapolis Studio Photographer

Jumping Jack Quattrin of Menlo Park ~ North Oaks, Minnesota the Family Pet Photographer

Last month we lost our most beloved family pet, Jack.  My husband and I got him once we bought our first home in Menlo Park, California.  We were young and engaged and we wanted a dog.  So we did the stupidest thing we could have done at the time and got a black Labrador puppy.  We didn’t pick Jack, he picked us.  I remember looking at all the pups thinking they all pretty much looked the same so how was I ever going to pick one.  But there was this one that just wouldn’t leave me alone, he was in my face, licking me to death and jumping at my heels to pay attention to him.  I just looked at my soon to be husband and said “I think this is the one”.  We took him home to our brand new (1974) bungalow home.  He immediately tore the house apart; from eating the walls to digging up what tiny lawn we had.  He was the biggest pain in the ass and I was discouraged.  Planning a wedding and raising a puppy at the same time was not a great idea.  A tired Lab is a good Lab they’d tell me.  We took him on runs, we played ball where he would leap off the deck, he chased birds.  The problem is they never get tired.  Everyone said oh he’ll mellow out in about two years.  Two years came and went and he never mellowed out but he grew on us.  We moved to a different home where not only did the neighborhood have a dog park to meet new friends but we had a pool where he would throw the ball in himself just so he could go for a swim.  After 4 years he still didn’t mellow out but that was ok we were already used to his antics and our family started to grow.  He was the best “brother” to our kids who would try and ride him, pull his tail, feed him food they didn’t like (let’s be honest he liked getting the scraps).  We moved across the states and of course he had a flight too.  After 6 years he still didn’t mellow.  He would cruise the neighborhood, play with the construction workers, greet the neighbors.  Thank God for wireless fences!  We moved again and after 8 years he still didn’t mellow out.  We moved again and 10 years later still hadn’t mellowed out but everyone that knew him loved him.  He became an old soul you longed to see sitting on the front porch just watching the children play and greeting anyone making deliveries.  At about 12 years he mellowed out.  It took him a long time to sit and stand and he tired very easily.  We knew our time with him would be short now.  After watching him slow and his quality of life lessen for a year we knew what we had to do.  Not one day in the past month have I not thought of Jack; coming home from a three week vacation and not having him greet me has been one of the saddest times of him being gone.  Here are just some of the hundreds of snapshots I have of my little bugger though the years.

Jumping Jack Quattrin of Menlo Park; February 9, 2003- July 12, 2016

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Michele is a lifestyle photographer in North Oaks Minnesota who misses her loyal companion of 13 years so much.  The days are just not the same without Jack sitting by her desk while she edits pictures of children and their families.