Spring Break on Film | Palm Beach, Florida Vacation Photographer

That’s right, on FILM!  When we went on spring break this year I brought along my film camera.  It’s a Canon EOS 3 which means I can use all my current fancy lenses on this camera body.  I love this 35mm camera.  I bought it used on EBAY and it has it’s faults but I’m learning its quirks and for $75 I can’t complain.   This year I’ve really been focusing on film again and I have to say it’s really renewed my love for photography.  I think I actually love my vacation photos from my film camera better than my digital camera who would have known?  Ok I’ll break these out by film stocks because I shot 6 rolls of film all different stocks.

Fuji 400H

Agfa Vista 200

Ektar 100

Lomography 400

Portra 400

And for some funky fun, I cross processed Provia 100.  On a couple I liked what happened but on most I didn’t (learned lesson) but I changed a couple to make them more tolerable.  Still some funky goodness on film.

So which film stock do you prefer?

Michele is a lifestyle portrait photographer in North Oaks, Minnesota.  She photographs on location and in her studio which is location in the northeast neighborhoods of Minneapolis.  She mainly shoots with a Canon 5dMarkiii but has taken up shooting film using a 35mm Canon EOS3 and a vintage Canon A1.  To schedule your next session with Michele please visit mQn Photography | North Oaks, Minnesota Photographer or e-mail michele@mqnphotography.com

Three Best Tips for Taking your Own Family Photos | North Oaks, Minnesota Child & Family Photographer

Want to take your own great family photos?  Here are my 3 best tips:

  1. Have patience.  I have been taking my own family pictures now for 8 years!  I’m telling you in the beginning I was always left in tears trying to get in the frame racing back and forth from the camera, getting my then 2 & 3 year old to participate and a hubby who had very little interest in my goal.  He just couldn’t figure out why it would be so hard.  Really?  REALLY?!!!  066-with-logo

  2. Embrace the silly.  Don’t strive for perfection it will make you crazy every single time.  Besides if you are anything like our family we aren’t perfect and we have a whole lot of crazy.059

  3. Go with the kids ideas.  Yes they are going to want to make silly faces or do something you don’t want to do but you know what?  If you do something for them they are more willing to do something for you.  It’s called compromise.071

    So there you have it what I’ve learned in 8 years.  Oh and if you plan on making it a habit to get in the pictures with your family and not just taking them yourself.  Invest in a remote trigger so you don’t have to run to the camera every second after you snap a picture.  They’re like $25 on Amazon.

    And if you want to see our crazy here’s a little 3 minute video: Welcome to our House 

    Michele is a lifestyle portrait photographer specializing in photographing children and their families.  If you find it too daunting to take images yourself and you want to book your next session with Michele just send her an e-mail.  michele@mqnphotography.com or visit www.mqnphotography.com

Yearly Reminder to Back-Up your Computer Files | North Oaks, Minnesota Friendly Neighborhood Photographer

This is my annual plea to remind my clients, other photographers and anyone who owns a computer to back-up your files on a cloud service.  It doesn’t matter if you have a Mac or a PC at some point your computer will crash and you will lose all your files.  It’s happened to me so many times I don’t even count anymore.  BUT I don’t worry so much because I have cloud back-up and that has saved me.  I use Crash Plan but there are other companies out there as well; I’m  just not as versed with them.  But honestly I would recommend Crash Plan over a couple other ones.  Just e-mail me and I’ll give you my two cents.


I say cloud service because just having another hard drive saving your stuff is not going to cut it.  In fact my external hard drives have crashed just as much if not more than drives on my computer.  Sometimes they last 5+ years but sometimes you’ll get a lemon and it will last but a year!  It’s happened to me I know this!


Many of my clients choose a USB of their images which is great because you have something in hand but many more are choosing to get the digital download of these images now and I just want to make sure you are backing these babies up!  But even if you have a USB or DVD of your images you want to make sure you have those downloaded somewhere as well because who knows if you lose your USB or even worse fire or water damage.


So there is my reminder, don’t say I didn’t warn you.  Back up, Back up those files, Back up those files now!

Michele is a lifestyle portrait photographer in North Oaks Minnesota.  When she’s not photographing children and their families she’s yelling at them to back up their files (all files not just pictures) on their computers.

The Traveling Dress | North Oaks, Minnesota Fine Art Photographer

I was lucky enough to participate in a wonderful project that we called The Traveling Dress.  A few very talented ladies and I sent each other the same dress and photographed it.  Each of us had the dress for one week.  We didn’t tell each other what we were doing with it and it was a complete surprise until we published our images.  You can see the published post here at The Photo Sanctuary.  But I wanted to share all of my images from this session as well.

2016-11-12_0001 2016-11-12_0002 2016-11-12_0003 2016-11-12_0004 2016-11-12_0005

Michele is a lifestyle portrait photographer in North Oaks, Minnesota who not only enjoys photographing children and their families but participates in many photography projects throughout the year.  To schedule your next session with Michele please e-mail michele@mqnphotography.com


What I’m Thankful For this Thanksgiving | North Oaks, Minnesota Child and Family Photographer

Since it’s November and so close to Thanksgiving I thought I would write a blog post on what I’ve been thankful for this year.  When the kids ask why we celebrate Thanksgiving I don’t like to talk about history yet with them because what I learned in grammar school isn’t quite what I’m learning now as an adult.  So I like to just tell them it’s a good time to start thinking about what you’ve been thankful for this year.  So here goes:


Living somewhere where it snows.  I know I complain about the weather A LOT but I honestly love the snow and I prefer it to rain.  It’s so fun to watch the kids have a blast outside in it.   I always wanted snow when I was kid and we had to drive hours to see it so I do enjoy it.  (It’s the cold temps well into April/May that I don’t like)


My son’s passion for swimming!  I’m so thankful he is a swimmer and not a football player or wrestler (not that there is anything wrong with those sports) but I would be worried all the time about him getting hurt and well with swimming there is very little risk involved.


Vacationing in South Carolina with the kids!  Now that my kids are older they are so much more fun to travel with.  I really enjoying visiting Savannah, Georgia and Hilton Head, South Carolina.  Now if I can only get my hubby to move us here . . . .


For a hubby who kisses me every time he walks in the door.  (and who doesn’t complain too much when I sneak pictures of him like this).


For goofy kids!  Both my kids are pretty goofy but they make me laugh so much and I really feel like there isn’t anything better than having a good laugh.  And this girl pretty much takes the cake!


For the 13 years we got to spend with Jack.  I still miss this old man but I’m so thankful I got to love him for as long as I did.  I can’t even say much or I’ll start crying again.  Love him.


For music!  It might just sound like a lot of noise right now but crafting their love for music is such a joy to watch.  And I’m not going to lie a bit of a headache too.


Our California Vacation.  Three weeks in California was so much fun.  Tyler really enjoyed his lifeguarding camp and Kendall and I enjoyed bopping up and down the coast to different beaches every day.  What could be more fun than that?


For back to school!  I am so thankful for our wonderful school system here in Minnesota.  So even though we have such fun summers I’m always so thankful to send my kiddos back to school.  🙂


For photography conferences!  I felt so fortunate that I was able to head out to Seattle for a photography conference that I’ve been wanting to go to for 3 years.  It was so inspiring and uplifting and just what I needed plus I hadn’t been to Seattle in over 20 years I think!!!


And I am so thankful for our youth.  I believe in our future because I have hope in our children to do the right things.  They are the leaders of tomorrow.  “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men” Frederick Douglas once said.  We may have to “question authority” for awhile and stand up for what we know to be true but in the end love always triumphs.

This may have been more of a recap of my year but I am really so thankful for everything in my life.  My kids, my family, my friends (near and far).  I really do try to appreciate everything because I know it can always be worse and I feel blessed beyond measure.  Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Michele is a lifestyle portrait photographer in North Oaks Minnesota.  To schedule your next photo session with her, please e-mail Michele at michele@mqnphotography.com