Quick Tips for Photographing Your Kids | North Oaks, Minnesota Child & Family Photographer

A parent can never take enough photos of their children but sometimes it can be difficult to get a really great shot. Below are a few quick tips that you can apply the next time you take your camera out to capture a moment with your kids.

  1. Try and stay away from asking your kids to pose. Instead, be around to capture the emotions they display in a moment. If you’re patient enough and simply enjoy the time with your children, you’ll find it much easier to capture the essence of it. 
  2. Get down to their level. If you’re photographing very small children try and get down to their level to photograph them. This angle gives you a more interesting background too. 
  3. Have a conversation with them. Having a conversation with your child about their favorite superhero or their best friend at school will make for lovely facial expressions. You could even have them sing along to their favorite songs for extra fun photos. 
  4. Your smartphone is the perfect tool for capturing candid moments. Your children are probably very used to seeing you with your smartphone so won’t think anything of you keeping it close by. Have it ready when you’re out and about with them. You never know when they might give you the perfect shot.

    Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

  5. Use unique locations to your advantage. If you have planned a walk in the woods or a day at the beach, take advantage of your unique surroundings to capture some great pictures. 
  6. Avoid midday sunlight. Lighting makes a big difference in photos so aim for early morning or evening light for outdoor shots and open windows and doors for indoor shots. 

    Michele is as lifestyle portrait photographer in North Oaks, Minnesota.  But she’s also a mom to two wonderful kids who have been photographed their entire lives.  If there is one thing she’s learned in the past 11 years is how to photograph your kids without them getting too angry at you.  If you’d like Michele to photograph your kids please visit mQn Photography | Twin Cities Photographer to schedule your next session or e-mail michele@mqnphotography.com


Pumpkin Picking on Film | North Oaks, Minnesota Film Photographer

Yesterday I got some film scans back.  I’ve been using a 35mm Canon EOS 3 Film camera and sometimes a really old (from the 70’s) Canon A-1 Film camera.  I’ve just fallen in love with film again, I think I might actually start saving for a Contax medium format film camera because I’d really love to offer amazing film sessions for my clients.  Anyway I just wanted to share a personal time with my kids on film because you know I don’t share that much personal stuff on my blog, so here goes! These were all shot on Fuji 400h film on my 35mm EOS 3. Enjoy!

Michele is a lifestyle portrait photographer in North Oaks, Minnesota.  She photographs children and their families both on location and in her studio in Northeast Minneapolis.  To schedule your next session with Michele please visit mQn Photography | Twin Cities Photographer or e-mail michele@mqnphotography.com


Why Your Photographer Loves What They Do | North Oaks, Minnesota Photographer

If you have ever wondered what spurs on a photographer’s passion, you are about to find out. Below are just some of the many reasons your photographer wouldn’t change their job for anything in the world.

  1. Photography changes how you see things. You notice colors, textures, flowers, trees, people, shapes and light in a way most people never see them.
  2. You pay more attention to the beauty around you. Even the most mundane object can become beautiful when you photograph it in a creative way. Many photographers love their job because they develop a fascination with the world around them by viewing it through new eyes
  3. It’s an amazing creative outlet. You get the chance to put a little bit of who you are into each photo that you take. Anyone can click a camera’s buttons but not everyone can truly make a photo come to life
  4. It’s a challenge. Creating amazing photos that capture the magic of everyday life doesn’t come without hard work, dedication and imagination. There is always something new to explore and a new way to take the same photos. It’s a job that never gets boring
  5. You get to meet new people all the time. A photographer works with people from all walks of life. Getting to know someone new is a part of the process of bringing someone’s personality through in a photo. It also makes the job a lot more fun!
  6. The flexibility is great. Being a full time photographer means you get to work your own hours. This doesn’t mean it’s a laid back profession though. A photographer is always aiming to perfect their craft, taking on new challenges and helping their clients achieve the perfect pictures.


When you decide to pay for a professional photo session, know that you are hiring an individual who is passionate about what they do and is willing to go the extra mile to help you create beautiful photos that you can treasure forever.

Michele is a lifestyle photographer in North Oaks, Minnesota. She photographs children and their families on location and in her studio located in Northeast Minneapolis.  To book your next session with Michele please visit: mQn Photography | North Oaks, Minnesota Photographer  or e-mail michele@mqnphotography.com

Spring Break on Film | Palm Beach, Florida Vacation Photographer

That’s right, on FILM!  When we went on spring break this year I brought along my film camera.  It’s a Canon EOS 3 which means I can use all my current fancy lenses on this camera body.  I love this 35mm camera.  I bought it used on EBAY and it has it’s faults but I’m learning its quirks and for $75 I can’t complain.   This year I’ve really been focusing on film again and I have to say it’s really renewed my love for photography.  I think I actually love my vacation photos from my film camera better than my digital camera who would have known?  Ok I’ll break these out by film stocks because I shot 6 rolls of film all different stocks.

Fuji 400H

Agfa Vista 200

Ektar 100

Lomography 400

Portra 400

And for some funky fun, I cross processed Provia 100.  On a couple I liked what happened but on most I didn’t (learned lesson) but I changed a couple to make them more tolerable.  Still some funky goodness on film.

So which film stock do you prefer?

Michele is a lifestyle portrait photographer in North Oaks, Minnesota.  She photographs on location and in her studio which is location in the northeast neighborhoods of Minneapolis.  She mainly shoots with a Canon 5dMarkiii but has taken up shooting film using a 35mm Canon EOS3 and a vintage Canon A1.  To schedule your next session with Michele please visit mQn Photography | North Oaks, Minnesota Photographer or e-mail michele@mqnphotography.com

Three Best Tips for Taking your Own Family Photos | North Oaks, Minnesota Child & Family Photographer

Want to take your own great family photos?  Here are my 3 best tips:

  1. Have patience.  I have been taking my own family pictures now for 8 years!  I’m telling you in the beginning I was always left in tears trying to get in the frame racing back and forth from the camera, getting my then 2 & 3 year old to participate and a hubby who had very little interest in my goal.  He just couldn’t figure out why it would be so hard.  Really?  REALLY?!!!  066-with-logo

  2. Embrace the silly.  Don’t strive for perfection it will make you crazy every single time.  Besides if you are anything like our family we aren’t perfect and we have a whole lot of crazy.059

  3. Go with the kids ideas.  Yes they are going to want to make silly faces or do something you don’t want to do but you know what?  If you do something for them they are more willing to do something for you.  It’s called compromise.071

    So there you have it what I’ve learned in 8 years.  Oh and if you plan on making it a habit to get in the pictures with your family and not just taking them yourself.  Invest in a remote trigger so you don’t have to run to the camera every second after you snap a picture.  They’re like $25 on Amazon.

    And if you want to see our crazy here’s a little 3 minute video: Welcome to our House 

    Michele is a lifestyle portrait photographer specializing in photographing children and their families.  If you find it too daunting to take images yourself and you want to book your next session with Michele just send her an e-mail.  michele@mqnphotography.com or visit www.mqnphotography.com