Pink ~ I heart Faces

The theme this month over at I heart faces ( is Pink!  And who doesn’t love a little pink lipstick kisses (besides my son of course) !  🙂


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I heart faces ~ Shadows

For those that follow my blog, know that I love the monthly challenges.  This month is “Shadows”.  I was thinking I haven’t played around with shadows in a long time but I came across this one and loved that everything was in the shadows and she was coming out of it.  Just like how I feel about winter into spring.  I know its only fall but I’m already dreading winter but this picture reminds me of the fun we do have in the snow and the hope when it starts to finally melt . . .

shadows 2


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Jump ~ I heart Faces

We have been spending lots of time at the pool so I just had to get an underwater camera.  I’d really like to get the casing for my camera but I just can’t justify that yet.  🙂  So when I Heart Faces ( announced their theme this month I couldn’t help but think of what happens when we “jump” into the pool!  Gotta love summer!

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Summer Fun ~ I heart Faces

The theme this month over at I heart faces ( is Summer Fun!  The one thing we look forward to each summer is Strawberry Picking.  Usually we get to the fields and the picking is slim but because this year the weather has made everything late we made it just in time and we ended up picking close to 10lbs of berries (this is a record for us).  We probably eat another pound or two out in the fields.  If you haven’t been berry picking you are missing out!  Get out there but go early it gets really hot out in the fields.


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In the Distance ~ I heart faces

This month the I heart faces blog ( has the challenge “In the Distance”  A favorite spot of mind has this lovely barn.  The first time we stumbled across it I couldn’t figure out why my daughter seemed so apprehensive about going up towards the barn doors.  It wasn’t until later that I noticed the smiling face in one of the windows which was obviously what was freaking her out.  I have to say it sort of startled me too when I saw it.

In the distance

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