Want to Know Your Next Favorite Photography Product~ North Oaks, Minnesota Child & Family Photographer

I am so EXCITED to announce a new product that I will be able to start offering to clients.

Awesome heirloom necklaces-my new favorite photography product

Is this not to die for!  I just love them.  They come in a few different charms now, the necklaces now come in different lengths and they also come in key chains (you know for the guys in our lives).  Charms can also be purchased separately.

heirloom charm keychain

And the best part of all this is they are so affordable!  I love being able to offer something great to my clients that they can actually afford.  These heirloom charms are going to be the best Mother’s Day gift, Father’s Day Gift, Birthday Gifts and Christmas Gifts EVER!  They do take approximately 2-3 weeks to arrive so keep that in mind when placing orders for special occasions.  (Mother’s Day deadline is April 21st)  Order yours today with images from a previous session or schedule you next session now and receive one free with a minimum order placed. (please mention this when you book your session).


For more information on these beautiful heirloom necklaces and charms e-mail Michele at michele@mqnphotography.com

5 creative ways to display your images in your home ~ Minnesota Child & Family Photographer


I really feel the need to blog more so I’m going to try.  We shall see how this goes.  It might be a little slow going; I had wanted to get this out last fall but here we are almost springtime before I got to publishing this.  First off I want to share 5 creative ways to display your images in your home.  I’m using the term “creative” loosely here but I wanted to take your basic ideas and just step them up a notch.  Hope you enjoy!

  1. Organic Bloom Framed Prints2015-11-12_0001I’m not going to lie, I should have gone bigger with this frame and I actually meant to go bigger and I’m not even sure what I was thinking when I ordered it.  In fact originally I ordered prints that were larger so sometimes we make mistakes.  On the bright side I will just have to add more frames to complete the look!

  2. Lagniappe Canvases2015-12-21_0002Aren’t these gorgeous!  I just started offering them out this year.  Don’t mind the thumbtack holding it up on the wall (that’s what you get when you ask your hubby to hang up a canvas) The Lagniappe canvases are made with stunning matte canvas, reclaimed wood, jute and copper accents. The result is a beautiful vintage hanging poster unlike anything on the market.

  3. Albums (Coffee Table Books)2016-01-25_0004I just love these coffee table books!  They are the perfect piece to showcase all your favorite images from a session!  Hinged upscale paper is used which allows the pages to lay flat when viewing.  Custom covers with your color choice of linen backing make these books a must have!

  4. Barnwood Framed Fine Art Print2016-02-02_0001My favorite product is by far these fine art prints.  Those torn edges, the matte feel of the print; gorgeous!  Now put them in these barnwood frames and its just heaven!  I love how these frames show off those torn edges I love so much. And the reclaimed wood makes these perfect in both a modern or rustic styled home.

  5. Personalized Calendars2016-02-15_0001 Is this not the cutest?  Its the only thing I allow on my fridge.  You pick 12 favorite images and every month you can enjoy one of your favorites.  I only buy personalized calendars I think they are just one of the best gift ideas and one of the best ways to display your favorite images each month!

    Do you have a favorite way to display your images?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments . . . .