Generations Fall 2016 Client Magazine | North Oaks Child & Family Photographer

Click on the image to open up the Fall 2016 Client Magazine; everything you need to know about having a fall session is right here among its pages!


Michele is a lifestyle photographer in North Oaks, Minnesota.  Fall is an extremely busy time so if you are looking for a fall session please e-mail Michele asap to see if there are still spaces available.  She can be found at


Marsh Mania Sneak Peeks | Twin Cities, Minnesota Child & Family Photographer

I just love when families opt for an urban session.  The number one reason NO BUGS!  lol  Ya I’ve had my fair share of bug bites this summer and the bugs haven’t gone away yet!  In any event here is just a sneak peek of these adorable girls who clean up quite nice!  :-)


Michele is a lifestyle photographer in North Oaks, Minnesota but enjoys traveling all around the twin cities in search of great spots to hold photo sessions.  To book your next session e-mail Michele at

Back to School; a Favorite Time of Year | North Oaks Minnesota Child & Family Photographer

I love summer but I probably love back to school even more.  By the end of summer the kids (well mine anyway) are sick of being home with me and are ready for a year (or 9 months) with their friends and getting back into the thick of things.  Starting back up with swimming, gymnastics, orchestra, band, softball, choir, basketball and well you get the picture.  We’re busy but it makes the time fly and before we know it summer is back and we have three months of relaxation again.

With the start of back to school so does all the back to school images we will be seeing of our kids.  I wanted to share a few of my favorites from sessions to personal.  I love back to school!  To book your own Back to School session please e-mail


Michele is a lifestyle photographer in North Oaks, Minnesota.  She loves photographing kids in the natural environment and in play.  To book your session now e-mail Michele at or visit to view more of her portfolio.

Identical Twin Boys in the NICU ~ Minneapolis Children’s Hospital & NICU Photographer

Since I was on vacation for so long I didn’t have a chance to share these adorable identical twin boys in the NICU!  Born at 29 weeks gestation, these two are just as adorable as they come!  Their birth weights were 2lbs 13oz and 2lbs 9oz and are overcoming every challenge they face.


Michele is a lifestyle photographer who is a participating photographer for The Tiny Footprints Project; offering free sessions for families staying in the NICU.  For more information please visit

A Sneak Peek of the Jude Boys | North Oaks, Minnesota Family & Child Photographer

I just love getting these boys in front of my camera.  I mean seriously how good looking are they?  I’ve been watching these little blondies grow up for the past 4 years and they are always making me laugh (especially the youngest!)  Here are just a few random images from our session at the lake.  It was a little bright and I need to remind myself its best to get there quite late but I think we still managed to get some good ones.  I’ll be sure to post my favorites on Facebook once I finish up the session.  Until then . . .Enjoy!


Michele is a lifestyle photographer in North Oaks, Minnesota.  Photographing boys is usually when she updates her lists of jokes.  “What do you call cheese that isn’t yours? Nacho cheese!”  Everyone has a good time and even if they don’t it always looks like they did. E-mail Michele to schedule your session now, fall dates are booking fast.