Decorate with Family Images | North Oaks, Minnesota Family Photographer

Want to beat the winter blues?  Here are some ideas for spicing up your home with portrait decor.   I’m talking framed prints or canvases.  I’m going to share some wall displays here but if you want an in home consultation please send me an e-mail or visit my contact me page on the website.  North Oaks, Minnesota | Lifestyle Portraiture.

Decorate with Family Images, how to display images from your photo sessions

The Fireplace


You’d be amazed how much one dramatic piece above the mantle will make your heart sing.

A Large Wall


Add a few or a lot of images to make large walls more homey.  You too can feel like you are in your own gallery with your lovely images.

Above the couch


Another space for a dramatic family image is right where you cuddle up together whether it’s the couch or bed.  Always be reminded how special and loving your family is.

The staircase

White stairway in the modern house. 3d render.

This is another location where you can really do a lot with and make your space feel more like home.  It’s the one place you walk by how many times a day?

Baby’s bed


Yes your kids grow up fast but they are only this little once and the best place to put your newborn images is all over baby’s room so you can always remember how little they once were.

I offer up a guide to anyone who needs more wall display ideas.


Michele is a lifestyle portrait photographer in North Oaks, Minnesota and has a studio in NE Minneapolis.  She loves to photograph children and their families and to make sure your home is decorated with all your lovely images.  To schedule your next session with Michele e-mail


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