Congratulations on your New Baby Girl or Boy | North Oaks, Minnesota Newborn Photographer

Nothing tugs more at my heartstrings than the tiny little newborns I photograph. There is nothing more magical than the birth of a child, and capturing and preserving the tender innocence of your brand new baby is a privilege. I understand that new parents have many needs and are very busy, especially in those first few days after the birth of a baby. However, it is highly recommended that you have professional photos taken of your newborn.  I don’t need to tell you how fast children grow from infant to toddler, and then before you know it your child will be getting on the school bus. The moments click by almost as fast as the shutter on our cameras. The first fourteen days after you have a baby is the optimal time to have your newborn photography session, because your little one will still be sleepy, tiny and cooperative. Capture those first few days of your child’s life forever! It’s never too early to schedule your newborn session.  My schedule can get booked up really fast that I recommend scheduling your session while you are still pregnant and re-scheduling as necessary.


Another option for newborn images is what we call Fresh 48 Sessions.  These photography sessions are taken while you are still in the hospital.  I volunteer with The Tiny Footprints Project which is a program where I photograph babies and families staying in the NICU so I am very well versed in Hospital lighting and making some gorgeous images in it.

Michele is a lifestyle portrait photographer who loves photographing newborns well into childhood.  To schedule your next session with Michele e-mail


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