Haunting Halloween | North Oaks, Minnesota Child Photographer

Every year I have a little themed photo session with my kids on their coordinating Halloween costumes.  This year; however, they could not agree on something even though they both wanted to “match” each other.  They love our photo shoot together; we always have so much fun.  This year they were bummed thinking they wouldn’t be having a photo shoot but I surprised them with a couple of masks from amazon and we went out and played.  We did some long exposures to get that ghostly effect though it didn’t work as well as I had hoped outside.  But I do sort of like the last one we did inside the house.  In any event I wanted to share our images from our brief Halloween session and hopefully next year we will be back to our coordinating brother sister costumes.  One mommy can hope anyway.  Enjoy the overshare:

2016-10-27_0003 2016-10-27_0004 2016-10-27_0005


Long exposures create the “ghostly effect”

2016-10-27_0007 2016-10-27_0008 2016-10-27_0009 2016-10-27_0010 2016-10-27_0011 2016-10-27_0012


Can you spot Wolf?


Michele is a lifestyle portrait photographer in North Oaks, Minnesota.  When she is not photographing her kids dressed up for Halloween she is photographing children and their families dressing their best under fall foliage or everyday attire in their homes.  To schedule your next themed or not themed session with Michele e-mail michele@mqnphotography.com


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