Kraus in the City | St. Paul Minnesota Family & Child Photographer

I was fortunate enough to get another urban session!  This time in St. Paul at Rice Park near the St. Paul Hotel.  This was actually a plan b because the first location was having some sort of food truck festival and was overcome with people.  But I have to say I was pretty amazed at all the people at Rice Park playing Pokemon.  When will that game die!!!!!  I don’t mind people exploring the city and all but get your head out of your phones.  You are missing the whole point of being out and about.  But whatever this blog post isn’t about my aversion to that game it’s about this super fun family (and my wonderful neighbors) urban session.  Here are just a few sneak peeks.  I can’t wait to share the rest . . .


Michele is a lifestyle photographer located in North Oaks Minnesota.  She loves to photograph children and their families not only in North Oaks but in St. Paul and Minneapolis as well as surrounding neighborhoods.  To book your next session with Michele please e-mail or visit the contact page.


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