So You Got Digital Images, Now What? ~ North Oaks, Minnesota Family & Child Photographer

By far my most purchased item from clients is the digital images.  I know some photographers don’t like to sell the digital images but I think they are important to have and not just because we live in a digital age but because its a backup to the prints.  Prints are SO important but what if (God forbid) there is a fire or a flood?  What happens to those prints?  They’re gone!  But if you have the digital back-up then you can get them back and isn’t that a relief?  But what good is having the digital images if you don’t have them printed?  I hear it more often than not from clients that they wished they would have just bought prints after the session because a year later they still didn’t print images.  And who logs into their computer just to look at old images?  Ya me neither!  Clients you have invested in your photo session you should enjoy those images for generations to come, you will not regret it!


Print those images baby!

So lets get into where you should go to print images on your own after you’ve bought the digital images.  I highly recommend ordering prints through me from your session but if that’s just not going to happen or you have old images from your camera that you want to print then the consumer labs I recommend are and  Please don’t use Walmart, Walgreens, Costco, etc.  These places have been know to darken your prints and lessen the quality.

I’m excited to announce that when you purchase to download the images from your session the website I use to host the download will now have the option for you to purchase gift prints at a heavily discounted rate.  It will be for a limited time while your gallery is open but I think it will be really worth it in the long run to make it easier for you to purchase prints from your session at rates that are affordable.


Coffee Table books; my favorite item to get all your images from your session displayed in one place.

Coffee table books are the best way, in my opinion, to have all your images from your session.  Your kids will love looking at these books as well as grandparents and anyone else who comes to your home.  I use to love to scrapbook but Oh. MY. GOODNESS. does that take time I just don’t have.  These book are such a great solution.  LOVE THEM!

Another wonderful affordable option to have all your images from your session in my proof books.  These are so lovely.  They are small than the coffee table books, they don’t have a custom cover or a beautiful design inside but they are still wonderful in their own right.  Basically each 5×7 print is bound individually in a linen hard cover book.  A great alternative to the larger coffee table book.


I hope this help with what to do after you get your digital images.  I know sometimes it can be overwhelming, but you won’t regret printing your images and looking back on them for years to come.  I promise you!

Michele is a lifestyle photographer in North Oaks, Minnesota when she’s not harassing clients to print their images from their sessions she’s actually having fun creating those memories for her clients to have and share for generations to come.  To schedule your next photo session with Michele please email.





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