The Best Time to Photograph Your Kids ~ North Oaks, Minnesota Child & Family Photographer

Now that summer is here and many of us are spending more time with the kids; we want to document these days.  I’m going to be honest here, my kids are pretty tired of me “documenting their days” but I don’t let that stop me!  So when is the best time to photograph your kids?  Well if we’re talking the time of day then all my clients know that I prefer 2 hours before sunset.  You can do two hours after sunrise too but I’m usually still sleeping then.  🙂  I love golden hour.


But when is the best time to photograph YOUR child?  ANYTIME!  It is so important to document the every day and the special occasions.


Daily Life ~ I want to remember how my son would wait for his ride to cello practice in the morning once a week.



Special Occasion ~ We take this picture every year to celebrate the end of school (we also take a similar one on the first day of school to compare)

And don’t think you have to have a fancy camera to take pictures of your kids.  I LOVE my cell phone (and yes I have a small arsenal of lenses for it, lol) I use it for whenever I don’t feel like lugging my bring one around.


All taken at my daughter’s softball game using my iPhone.

So there is no perfect time to document your kids than now.  And if you want someone to get some pretty awesome images of your kids either during golden hour or a lifestyle session in your home just send me an e-mail (and I promise I won’t use my cell phone).

Michele is a lifestyle photographer in North Oaks, Minnesota when she’s not tormenting her kids with a camera in their face she torments her clients kids with her camera in their face.


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