Camping in Style with Matilda Jane ~ Lindstrom Minnesota Photographer

I just love love love doing these Matilda Jane mini sessions for my favorite Matilda Jane Trunk Keeper.  We always have so much fun and everyone always looks fantastic!  If you are curious about Matilda Jane you must visit their website right away! They are actually based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana (my former stomping grounds)  They have the most adorable girls clothing and my daughter loves many of the pieces not only because they are adorable but because many of the fabrics are super comfortable.  If you are looking for a trunk keeper in Minnesota I’ve got the perfect one for you.  Anyway I’m here to showcase some sneak peeks from our session.  So without further adieu  . . .

Matilda Jane makes the best clothing for mini sessions!

Michele is a lifestyle photographer in North Oaks, Minnesota.  When she’s not dressing her daughter up in the latest Matilda Jane Fashions she’s usually buying Matilda Jane for her friends with new baby girls!  When she has some spare time she also arranges photo sessions so she can take pictures of adorable kids wearing Matilda Jane!  To schedule your next session whether you are wearing Matilda Jane or not please e-mail Michele at


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