Decorating the Nursery? Don’t Miss These 3 Things! ~ North Oaks, Minnesota; Baby, Child & Family Photographer

baby text

Sometimes I wish I could start all over decorating my babies nurseries.  I would totally do things differently.  For those in the planning stages I’m going to give you a few helpful hints of things not to miss!

  1.  A Well Organized Closet.  This is essential because one; it might be the only time you’re excited to organize a closet. And two; this is something that will be able to be used years from now when you aren’t mandating the clothes.  My kids don’t have their little onsies hanging in the closets anymore but they are able to keep themselves organized a bit better because of closet organizers.  If you want to see how to fill it, check out this blog post! How to create a new baby wardrobe capsule Seriously all these baby clothes makes me want to have another baby!!!! (It aint happening)

  2. Space for a 30×40 canvas of your baby! babyThat’s right go big!  They will never be this little again and whether you go for your favorite portrait or a huge canvas of their fingers or toes or hair, you’ll love it and its something that you’ll find space for in your house even when they outgrow the nursery.

  3.  Add something whimsical.  You don’t need to go overboard with decorating the nursery.  Let’s be honest you really only need a few essentials like onsies, a swing, and a crib.  But to make it a nursery and to enjoy the brief time you’ll have in it with your little one, add a little bit of whimsy.   It’s easy enough to make a little chalk drawing on the walls like this:baby whimsyOr head over to Etsy and check out this beautiful whimsical mobile.  Seriously I could go on forever with all the things I was seeing on Pinterest!

    Michele is a lifestyle photographer in North Oaks Minnesota, though her newborn days are long gone, she still gets her baby fix by photographing newborns in their homes or when they are still in the hospital.  To schedule your newborn session (or family session) e-mail Michele at


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