Favorite Session Locations ~ North Oaks, Minnesota Family & Child Photographer

Many of my current clients know that right before our session I send out my location guide:


I think its super handy to help make a decision on what is the best location for you and your family’s session.  This guide is chock full of locations and I’m going to share a few here.  If you’d like to see the full guide in all its glory feel free to send me an e-mail at michele@mqnphotography.com and I’ll get one out to you ASAP!

Favorite locations

  1.   Your home!2016-04-21_0002There is no better place than your own home.  It’s unique to you and no one else will have your location.  Kids are most comfortable in their own homes so this is almost a must have location choice if you have shy children.

  2. Local Trails2016-01-08_0001Trails are super fun for kids because it becomes an adventure and a lot of times if they’ve been on the trail before they want to show you where the best tree is and where you can find the flowers.  Let them show you where to walk and an adventure is sure to await!

  3. Urban Settings2016-04-21_0003Urban sessions are some of my favorites.  Minneapolis and St. Paul are two cities that are very pedestrian friendly and make for great places to have sessions.  Not to mention further away options like Stillwater or Duluth.  With brick facades and overgrown ivy you can’t ask for a better backdrop!

If you live in North Oaks we have a treasure trove of locations that are private to us.  If you don’t live in North Oaks, that’s O.K., be my guest and I’ll show you a few of my favorite haunts.

With the beginning of spring so must the season of portrait sessions! Book your spring, summer & fall sessions now.  There is limited availability so booking early is a must if you have specific days in mind.  Visit www.mqnphotography.com to get on the calendar now.


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