Ten Must Have Newborn Poses ~ North Oaks, Minnesota Newborn Photographer

I love photographing newborns especially in their new element.  Lifestyle photography with newborns is simply the best and while “posing” isn’t what we are doing there are still “poses” you’re going to want to have captured.  Let’s dive in shall we?

10 must have newborn lifestyle poses

  1.  Smile!  That’s right newborns do smile, you just have to be ready for it!
  2. Baby yawns–Seriously these are my favorite and I’m always waiting for it!
  3. Get cozy on the bed–Master bedrooms usually have the best light in the house so get cozy and just enjoy each other
  4. Toes–not just toes but fingers, lips, ears and hair!  Don’t forget the details
  5. Get babies looking at the camera if you can.  It’s surprising what little personalities they have so young.  Capture that!
  6. Crib shots–These littles are going to spend a lot of time in their beds but they are also going to outgrow it faster than you can say “naptime”.  Capture them in their element.
  7. If your newborn is lucky enough to have an older sibling try to get them near.  This can prove harder than it sounds.  Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get that awesome Pinterest shot you were hoping for.  Not all kids are willing to be directed next to baby.
  8. Sleeping–I mean lets be honest, sleeping babies are just the sweetest.
  9. Eyes–Beautiful newborn eyes, there isn’t much that needs to be said about that.
  10. Include Family Heirlooms–Have a quilt that grandma made or a special teddy bear that belonged to you?  Include those items, you’ll treasure those images more than a blanket you’ll get rid of as soon as baby outgrows it.

    While I love in home lifestyle sessions with newborns I also photograph NICU babies and photographing babies in the hospital before they come home (What’s commonly referred to as Fresh 48 Sessions) is also a great way to capture your newborn.  For more information and to schedule your Lifestyle Newborn session please contact Michele at michele@mqnphotography.com


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