Triplets in the NICU ~ Minneapolis NICU and The Tiny Footprints Project Photographer

We don’t always get to share the NICU babies that The Tiny Footprints Project (TTFP) photographs.  So its super exciting when we get to because I think its so important to share what TTFP is doing.  A lot of families don’t know that this free service is available to them in the NICU.  I’ve done a few now and I’m totally addicted.  I just love visiting with these families and babies.  Here is a recent session I did with Identical Boy Triplets!  What are the odds!  What a blessed family . . . .

Ryland,Jonah,LandonMrocek_mQnPhotography-(1) Ryland,Jonah,LandonMrocek_mQnPhotography-(2) Ryland,Jonah,LandonMrocek_mQnPhotography-(3) Ryland,Jonah,LandonMrocek_mQnPhotography-(4)

TTFP is nationwide so please visit or The Tiny Footprints Project on Facebook for more information and to find a photographer in your area.


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