Just Us 12 Times ~ North Oaks, Minnesota Family Photographer

The final installment of the Just Us 12 Times has finally come full circle.  I had hopes that this month I would get into the pictures during Christmas.  Well that didn’t happen because I just didn’t take many photos.  I wanted to be in the moment instead of stressing over capturing it.  And I’m ok with that.  My hubby did take this on Christmas as we all cuddled up on the couch waiting for bed time.  Can you spy the lemon drop martini?



So instead of regretting not getting into many photos in December lets take a look at how many moments I did capture in 2014:

Remember this awesome pillow fight video?

A little Ice Skating action:


then sledding:

March 9 (4)

oh and here is me and my son at Easter!


and then one month Tyler took some pictures of me and Kendall for fun.  Here he is directing me and the final product:


This summer I managed to a picture with me and the hubby:


Here we are enjoying Duluth:


oh and on vacation in Santa Cruz California!:


I took the kids apple picking:



I think our family photos turned out great this year! (even though I messed up my settings, that Canon 5Dmarkiii really does handle large ISO wonderfully, thank you Mrs. Claus for that early Christmas gift that my hubby still doesn’t know about.  🙂 )


So all in all I think I missed one month because we were on vacation but hey I think I got at least 11 more photographs than I normally would have with me in them.  It was a fun year and I’ll be sure to keep trying to get in a few photographs every now and then.

This is part of a blog circle:  Please visit Anchored in Love to see her final installment as well!





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