For the Love of Black & White (May) ~ North Oaks, Minnesota Pet Photographer

I’ve been so focused on trying to find beautiful fields of flowers and trees of color I haven’t been thinking too much of black and white.  But the other day I snapped a couple pictures of my dog Jack.  His BFF (neighbor) Truman was there too (They’re sort of inseparable).  Jack is 10 (his buddy 5) and if he didn’t have so much grey you wouldn’t know it with the way he still loves to fetch and eat chew toys.  We don’t buy him chew toys anymore because he eats them up and then he gets sick in the living room.  So he steals his friends toys.  As you can see in one of the images Truman has the chew toy and he ran and ran in circles knowing that was the only way Jack would play chase with him.  These two rascals crack me up.

013 014 015 BW 016 BW

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