Letters to Our Children; April ~ North Oaks, Minnesota Child Photographer

My dearest Keke!

How is it that your birthday is tomorrow!  You will be 6 . . . no 7  . . . wait . . . weren’t you just 5 like yesterday?  I’m not sure where the time goes but birthday’s always seem to remind me just how fast time is slipping by.  I know tomorrow is going to come and you’ll be 18 and graduating high school and heading off to college.  And then my house will be quiet because it won’t be filled with your loud laugh or your constant request for hugs and kisses.  And I will miss you. But I’m not going to think about tomorrow right now I’m going to focus on today and make sure I’m the one making you laugh and stealing your hugs and kisses.  I can’t get yesterday back and I’m not quite ready for tomorrow, so let me just hold you as you are today.



P.S. Thank you for letting me play with you and my Lensbaby the other day.  You were so sweet telling me you how you liked my job and you were glad I was a photographer. 🙂

005 010 032 033 036 037 038 faceless SLM

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2 thoughts on “Letters to Our Children; April ~ North Oaks, Minnesota Child Photographer

  1. love those! Thats pretty great clarity with a Lensbaby- those suckers are HARD!lol Love the warm lighting. I think the first is my favorite my eyes were drawn into the colors of the flowers and the way she’s walking with a springy step just says fun. Love the sweetness and innocence feel to this series. beautiful!

  2. I soo need to get a lens baby! I am loving that top shot! You should definitely have that one enlarged and framed! And I know the feeling–I guess we all do. Our children should not be as old as they are!! Stop growing!!

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