Letters to My Children; January ~ North Oaks, Minnesota Lifestyle Photographer

Today starts the beginning of a new blog circle called “Letters to My (our) Children”.  In case you haven’t guessed it I LOVE these blog circles, they help me keep motivated photographing my own children and trying new things in the process.  I want to always be growing whether personally or professionally and I think these blog circles do just that plus I get to get acquainted with other fabulous photographers in the process.  Win Win!   For those who follow me you might noticed this is a bit different than my normal photographing technique.  This is garage light.   My neighbors probably thought we were crazy photographing in my totally cluttered garage but you can’t tell its cluttered can you?  Its a beautiful thing. Anyway lets begin . . .

Dear Tyler and Kendall,

I know you hate to be photographed.  I mean I guess I can’t blame you.  You’ve had a camera in your face since you were born.  And lets not forget that year when I did a 365 and the camera was in your face EVERYDAY and last year with my 52 week portraits of you every week!  But I want to thank you for letting me capture the very essence of you even when you don’t want me to.  You tolerate it and I’m grateful because I promise you one day you will look back on these pictures and be glad I did and if you’re not thankful then I will bet your wife, husband, daughter, son, grandchildren will be.  So yes this year we will be doing pictures once a month and I hope you’ll let me capture this year with not only images but with words of how much you both mean to me.

Love you all the numbers . . . .


007 copy 011 copy 021 copy

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