Roundabout ~ In BeTween Blog Circle Post

One of the things I love about this particular blog circle is that every month I get to feature my son because even though my daughter acts like a tween-er my son is closer in age to one.  I rarely get my son into pictures because he’s just not into it.  End of Story.  He doesn’t really know what I’m up to for the next few months but we will see how I do.  At least I’ll get to focus on him for awhile even though he hates that.  Anyway we finally got some great weather (well it was 50 and the warmest its been this year) so I found a park and we went and played. Doesn’t he just look too big for the equipment  😦   I had a vision for these photos and well it didn’t get realized.  So I’m going to try again soon if my son can take it and maybe add my daughter in as well.  Anyway if at first you don’t succeed try try and TRY again!

Roundabout 1 Roundabout 2 Roundabout 3 Roundabout 4 Roundabout 5 Roundabout 6 Roundabout 7 Roundabout 8 Roundabout 9 Roundabout 10 Roundabout 11

Follow along through the circle . . . next up . . .

Amanda Adams (of AA Photography)


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