Be a Dreamer ~ North Oaks Child Photographer

This month our Be Theme is Be a Dreamer. . .  This is exactly what I needed for January.  I don’t know about you but I start feeling down this time of year.  Holidays are over, its cold out and I’m just not feeling inspired.  I feel blah!  But I talked my little one into going outside to play in the snow (Ok I had to bribe her with the opportunity to use her brand new cake pop maker).  But I’m glad we went out, she (and I) had fun and I got some images that made me feel a bit better.  I hope you enjoy and feel inspired yourself to be a dreamer . . .  and don’t forget to see below who is up next along the circle.

Do you dream in black or white or color?

004 dreamer 006 dreamer 007 dreamer 008 dremer 015 dreamer 017 dreamer 020 dreamer 023 dreamer 024 dreamer 028 dreamer 031 dreamer 033 dreamer 041 dreamer 043 dreamer 057 dreamer

If you love these images you may also love my Joy post which showcases some of the other images from this session. Click Here to view them!

Our next Dreamer is:

Suri Moonesinghe

(isn’t her name dreamy?)


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