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Here is the next installment of the Be Blogged Circles.  You can find the link to the next person at the end of the post.   I hope everyone had a wonderful and merry holiday season.  We sure did.  In our house we don’t do Elf on the Shelf and we’re not very religious  but we do still believe in magic.  In our house we have a nutcracker who stands guard and watches.  At night while we sleep, he delivers chocolate coins, quarters and a daily activity to our advent calendar if we’ve been good.  Every morning the kids would run downstairs to see if anything was left for them.  The tasks were a little bit of everything; some giving, some simple and some fun activities to help us enjoy the season and make merry.  I thought I would share our month of Advent Activities; Be Merry!

1 Be Merry Be Merry 1 copy Be Merry 2 Be Merry 3 Be Merry 4 Be Merry 5 Be Merry 6 Be Merry 7 Be Merry 8 Be Merry 9 copy Be Merry 10 Be Merry 11 Be Merry 12 Be Merry 15 Be Merry 16 Be Merry 17 Be Merry 18 Be Merry 19 Be Merry 20 Be Merry 21 Be Merry 22 Be Merry 23 Be Merry 24

Remember this is part of a blog circle with some amazing photographers; next stop Kellie Honea! Click Here! (link will be ready tomorrow 12/31)

I had many people ask about my list of activities so I thought I would share them here.  I’ve been doing this for a few years now so I’ve accumulated quite a few ideas.  I also got some of  the ideas from Jamie Schultz who does a giving jar (her website for lunch box ideas is to die for).  I’d love to hear your suggestions as well, feel free to write in the comment section!

Advent Activities copy


11 thoughts on “Be Merry ~ North Oaks Lifestyle Photographer

  1. This made me very merry! {so did the ‘snow’} What a great idea…I may try this next year. We do not do Elf on the shelf either & our Advent calendar was just chocolate candy (as was mine when growing up) but as I discovered this year, my daughter had many days she skipped, so clearly she was not into the calendar at all.

    The photos reading iwth your daughter on her bed are my favorite!

  2. Oh, I love these! I feel like I was part of your family, enjoying the moments with you. And the nutcracker – awesome!!

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