Be Thankful

This month’s Be Blogged Circle that started with some very talented ladies over on the forum at Girl Hearts Camera which is now located at Light Inspired is Be Thankful . . .What am I thankful for?   I am thankful for my family, husband, son, daughter, dog.  I’m thankful we live not just in a house but a home.  I’m thankful for pajama days.  I’m thankful for our laughter, our support of each other, our kisses, our silliness, our love.  I’m thankful I’m an American and for a woman’s right to vote.  I’m thankful for my dad.  I’m thankful for the beach and art and the invention of the camera.  I’m thankful for grandmas and papas.  I am thankful for the thoughtfulness of others.  And I’m truly thankful for the memories of all of it.

As I was going through looking for images that represented what I was thankful for, I came across some images I took of my grandmother’s photo album.  It reminded me how I want to make sure I print out all the things I love and cherish so others can see and access my memories too.  There is nothing like holding something in your hand that can make you remember how you felt.  Sure I could log into a computer and search through pictures but isn’t it more fun to flip through books or even boxes of prints that take your through time?

But then again I’m still a sucker for a book, a good old fashioned moldy used book with torn and tattered edges.  Oh how I’m thankful . . .

Don’t forget to complete the circle and visit my friend Tannis Weaver!


8 thoughts on “Be Thankful

  1. I love those old photos… I too recently went through a few of my grandparents pictures it is pretty amazing all those old photographs! That first picture of the girl in the bathing suit is so precious!

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