Be Supportive

I’m so excited to announce my participation in a collaboration with some amazing ladies on the Girl Hearts Camera forum.  A few of us thought it would be super fun to start what is known as a “circle blog.”  I’m not sure I can explain it properly so you’ll want to make sure you click on the link below which will take you directly to another photographer’s blog post then click on the link she provides and so on and so forth until you complete the circle. And then check back every month for our new theme.    It will be fun to see what everyone comes up with.  This month is “be supportive.”  Its a great theme to start out with because this blogging circle is just one of the ways we ladies want to help support each other.

Let me just say this is not the blog post I thought I was going to write.  I had this whole other blog post written about how competitive we women photographers seem to be with each other.  And how we really need to be supportive of one another.   I wrote about an incident that happened to me recently and how I was a bit jealous that I didn’t have a couple of the same lenses as someone else and when I confided to my 6-year-old (when he saw I was sad), he said to me “lenses don’t make you a photographer, you just put them on the camera.  You’re the one that takes the pictures.”    And though I’ve heard that before (because you know the worst thing to say to a photographer is “your camera takes really nice pictures”  your most likely to get the reply “your mouth makes really nice complements”.)  It was hearing that from one of my biggest supporters, (my 6-year-old son) for it to sink in.  I promised in the months ahead I would take more pictures instead of writing so many words.  And then I went out to shoot . . .

My goal was to take some pictures of the kids supporting each other in their own photographic journey.  I stepped back and watched them teach each other.  It was funny hearing my daughter say “Don’t forget to ‘meter freter'”  (That’s what I always say I have to do, when I’m photographing them).  My son had a lot more patience trying to help my daughter out with the different buttons and settings, than I usually do.  We ended up having such a fun time and I took lots of pictures of them supporting/helping each other.  My daughter used my old Canon and 50 1.8 lens (my son was using an old vintage camera which I didn’t dare tell him had no film in it at the time, oops) that I thought again what my son had said and realized I didn’t want to write about all that other stuff.  I just wanted to show what I captured.  Be supportive, be you and enjoy……

I can’t wait to see what my friend Dee Sisk has to say or show us.  Click on her name you won’t want to miss it!

Don’t forget click here to continue on the circle tour

*If you wanted to know where my daughter’s dress came from it was made by the wonderfully talented Jayme Lillie of Lillipops.  She made the dress from one of my husbands old shirts.  And my son is sporting a shirt from Mini Boden.


13 thoughts on “Be Supportive

  1. I love how kids give perspective. Having had camera envy for a long time, I know that the tool is nice, but you have to have the vision to make that tool work for you. Keep taking beautiful photographs! (love the up cycled shirt dress idea!) this will be fun to follow!

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