For the Love of Lillipops

About a month ago, Lillipops announced that I was the winner of her spring fever contest. I was a little astonished to say the least, there were so many great entries from some amazing photographers. I was so excited. Anyway people who know me know my love for dressing my daughter (and son) in things that can’t be found at the local mall. Well with this contest I was going to get a super cute piece of clothing to photograph. Let me tell you, I’ll totally work for free clothes! But little did I realize that I was going to actually get two pieces! Mother and daughter matching skirts. These are so super cute, comfortable and flattering. Now the problem I didn’t think about was the need for an adult model; oops! So I braced the opportunity to get in front of my camera with my daughter. To say this is tricky was an understatement but we did have fun and my son was able to help out too.  I will say this, there is a reason I’m behind the camera instead of in front of it. Anyway without further ado I share with you these new fun skirts that should be in Lillipops shop very very soon! I hope you enjoy:

Lillipops 003 copy
Lillipops 007 copy
Lillipops 008 copy
Lillipops 010 copy
Lillipops 019 copy
Lillipops 020 copy
Lillipops 023 copy

Lillipops 032 copy
Lillipops 046 copy
Lillipops 061 copy
Lillipops 075 copy
Lillipops 078 copy
Lillipops 099 copy
Lillipops 121 copy

And these were taken by my 6 year old son:

Lillipops 093 copy
Lillipops 095 copy


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