Lillipops Love

I’m so excited that I have to blog about a little contest that was held by a children’s clothing designer Lillipops. If you haven’t checked her stuff out you must leave my blog right away and check her out (but then please come back).  Those that know me know I LOVE shopping for my kids.  And I LOVE photographing the clothes they wear.  I swear I just buy (my daughter especially) stuff just to photograph it.  And half her stuff I wish came in my size!  In fact I have been known to convo children’s boutique’s on Etsy and ask if they could make something in my size.  Which brings me to the exciting news of the contest I was talking about earlier.  I submitted an image for the theme Spring Inspired to Lillipops.  I agonized over two completely different images and finally just went with one; I didn’t think I really had that much of a chance anyway because there were at least two other photographers that had entered as well and I admired their work.   But then when the drumroll announced little ol’ me, I couldn’t believe it!  I’m so excited not only because I get to photograph a couple of skirts for Lillipops but I get to keep them and they are a matching mother daughter set!  How cute are we going to look?  Well you’ll have to stay posted to get a glimpse but I’ll leave you with the winning image.  Does she not look like she’s got Spring Fever?      
spring inspired


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