Print Your Pictures!!!!!

Today my kids found my grandmother’s photo album. Its really not hard to find, I’ve always kept it out. But today they actually looked through it and it brought me so much joy to share her memories with them. And I couldn’t help but think how we don’t always print out our pictures. They are all loaded up on disks, which is great but how often do we jump on the computer to browse through them? We don’t or at least I don’t. I upload them and then forget about it. But albums . . . well . . .those I look at. Either when I’m watching TV or sometimes even when I just walk by and catch a glimpse of something while on my way to clean something. I stop and start browsing. And today my kids pulled something out and looked. They NEVER get on the computer to look at pictures from long ago. I remember sitting with my grandma and going through all these pictures with her when I would visit. And I know she enjoyed telling me all about her and her borthers and sisters crazy antics. 005
Anyway I guess I’m saying print your pictures out people! Don’t just store them on your CD discs. Print your memories out because I don’t care what anyone says; paper is here to stay. Get something tangible to hold in your hands, you won’t ever regret it. My new years resolution? Print more photos. I want my kids to one day show their kids just how much fun I had taking their pictures! Did you know I make a pretty cute spiral bound book…..


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