Quattrin Family Sneak Peeks; Fort Wayne, IN

Can I just say taking my own family portraits each year just keeps getting more and more frustrating. I think because I have these ideas in my head of what I want and I just can’t accomplish them with a remote or my husband. That’s right my husband can’t take a picture to save his life. I’m not even expecting him to have great composition I can fix that in Photoshop but seriously, why can’t he focus? What I get from him when I ask him to take a picture of me and the kids is about 10 blurry pictures (well the background is in focus). He just hits the shutter and keeps it going for about 10 frames, thinking something will turn up. (um not if you don’t focus first!) That’s not something that can be fixed! If he or I had any patience then I’d really sit down with him and show him how the camera works and more importantly how to focus (hold down the button until it beeps, its real hard you know). But what he says is “I know I know, press the button, how hard can it be?” Apparently pretty hard! Anyway here is a sneak peek of what I did manage to get of our family pictures this year:
Quattrin tags 2

Quattrin tags 1


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