Letters to Our Children; October ~ North Oaks, Minnesota Birthday Party Photographer

Dear Tyler,

I can’t believe you turned 9!  This year you wanted a “homemade” party so you got one!  I am not the most creative when it comes to parties.  But it helped that you knew exactly what you wanted and basically we put this shin dig together ourselves.  It really made my day when you said “this is going to be the best birthday party EVER because it’s homemade”  :-) It would have been easier to just go to Zero Gravity but I’m glad we put something together that you loved.  It was a great day!  Happy Birthday big boy.

Birthday 1 Birthday 2

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Just Us 12 Times (April) ~ North Oaks, Minnesota Family Photographer

We just had a lovely Easter.  73 degrees in Minnesota and no snow on the ground.  I seriously don’t think it could have been any better. After our egg hunt I managed to get a couple of snaps with me and the kids (don’t mind my make-up free face).  Tyler was quite the sour puss because he only found 10 eggs and his sister found 22!  She was determined and he quit too soon.  That’s just the way the egg cracks.

025 027 028 036

Thanks to the hubby for snapping the above images for me.

Hope every bunny had a hoppy Easter!



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Lensbaby Project ~ December, Blowing Snow; North Oaks, MN Snow Photographer

This month for the the Lensbaby project I wanted show our snow.  The one thing about snow though is it creates a white background (which can be great) but then you sort lose the blur of the lensbaby so that’s something I need to take into account when using it in the winter.  Anyway we have a ton of snow its just too bad its not snowman or fort making snow.  Yes there is a difference for those who don’t live in this kind of climate.  For my California friends if the snow isn’t a wet sticky snow then its sort of like trying to build a sandcastle with dry sand.  Just doesn’t quite work does it?  :-)  Enjoy and remember this is part of a blog circle so click on the link at the end of the post to continue along to see some great work.

012 copy 013 copy 020 copy 021 copy 022 copy 023 copy 028 copy 030 copy 031 copy 037 copy 039 copy

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