Just Us 12 Times (November a bit late) ~ North Oaks, Minnesota Family & Child Portrait Photographer

Every year I attempt my own family pictures for the holiday card.  One year I hope I’ll suck it up and hire someone but I just never do.  I will say every year its getting easier and easier so that’s something.  This year (besides the kids ok really just my son and his tantrum over his sweater I made him wear) it went swimmingly well.  It was  a bit cold and there was complaining from my daughter and hubby to wrap it up but we were sort of having fun.  No tears while we were taking the pictures.  But I got home uploaded the images and found that my settings were off!  I was devastated.  I had metered correctly but my ISO was set at 4000!  For those who don’t know what that means I rarely go above 500 when I’m outdoors and this means my images are going to be super grainy.  Think old film days when you used indoor film speed outdoors!  ugh….  Oh well I think the new camera probably preformed like a champ but I can’t wait to print these out to see if they look bad or if they miraculously look ok.  Embrace the grain!012 I cannot tell you how many of the above images I have before I finally just had everyone move up closer to the camera!  doh!  :-)




023 043 054 069 070 078 089 105This is part of a blog circle of other photographers trying to get in front of the camera too.  Up next is:

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