Letters to Our Children; April ~ North Oaks, Minnesota Child Photographer

My dearest Keke!

How is it that your birthday is tomorrow!  You will be 6 . . . no 7  . . . wait . . . weren’t you just 5 like yesterday?  I’m not sure where the time goes but birthday’s always seem to remind me just how fast time is slipping by.  I know tomorrow is going to come and you’ll be 18 and graduating high school and heading off to college.  And then my house will be quiet because it won’t be filled with your loud laugh or your constant request for hugs and kisses.  And I will miss you. But I’m not going to think about tomorrow right now I’m going to focus on today and make sure I’m the one making you laugh and stealing your hugs and kisses.  I can’t get yesterday back and I’m not quite ready for tomorrow, so let me just hold you as you are today.



P.S. Thank you for letting me play with you and my Lensbaby the other day.  You were so sweet telling me you how you liked my job and you were glad I was a photographer. :-)

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Just Us 12 Times ~ North Oaks, Minnesota Child & Family Photographer

Can you believe I’ve made it in 3 months worth of pictures?  This month I’m showcasing our family sledding adventures.  We had so much fun at the North Oaks Country Club that I was actually looking forward to taking the kids there again during spring break but wouldn’t you know it but the snow has started to melt so I don’t think the jumps would be as good anymore.  Oh well there will always be next year or next week.  lol.  Anyway here we are and I didn’t even ask the hubby to take these he just did.  Maybe this monthly challenge will get him more involved with the camera too . . . .

blog_temp_1_v2 blog_temp_14_v2


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For the Love of Black & White Blog Circle ~ North Oaks, Minnesota Child Photographer

This month I decided to take three different images with different lighting situations and turn them black and white.  Its March and we are still stuck inside.  I cannot wait to get outside and create again.  There is only so much “inspiration” I can find in my home.  And these images were taken in my “studio” setting.  (I quote studio because when I say studio I’m really saying I put my backdrop up in my kitchen nook area).  :-)  Enjoy!

Basic flat front lighting:


Side Lighting (love shadows in BW images)


Back lighting:

088 BW

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Letters to Our Children; March ~ North Oaks Child Photographer

Last month I wrote a letter to my daughter.  This month I’ll focus on my first born.

Dear Tyler,

What can I say . . . you make me laugh every day.  I think my favorite part of each day with you is when we sit and talk right before bed.  You’re silly, you’re sweet, you’re smart.  I love that you like to show me all the funny things you read the night before in whatever book you are reading.  I know you hate having your picture taken but lately you’ve been making a good time of it.  I appreciate whenever you let me get my camera in front of you.  And I love that you are starting to get ideas on what it is I should create.  Maybe soon we can collaborate on a project together.  Until then meet the . . .



the Reader


the Creative Soul


the Intellectual


the Boy


the Joker


the Entertainer


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