Just Us 12 Times ~ North Oaks, Minnesota Child & Family Photographer

Can you believe I’ve made it in 3 months worth of pictures?  This month I’m showcasing our family sledding adventures.  We had so much fun at the North Oaks Country Club that I was actually looking forward to taking the kids there again during spring break but wouldn’t you know it but the snow has started to melt so I don’t think the jumps would be as good anymore.  Oh well there will always be next year or next week.  lol.  Anyway here we are and I didn’t even ask the hubby to take these he just did.  Maybe this monthly challenge will get him more involved with the camera too . . . .

blog_temp_1_v2 blog_temp_14_v2


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For the Love of Black & White Blog Circle ~ North Oaks, Minnesota Child Photographer

This month I decided to take three different images with different lighting situations and turn them black and white.  Its March and we are still stuck inside.  I cannot wait to get outside and create again.  There is only so much “inspiration” I can find in my home.  And these images were taken in my “studio” setting.  (I quote studio because when I say studio I’m really saying I put my backdrop up in my kitchen nook area).  :-)  Enjoy!

Basic flat front lighting:


Side Lighting (love shadows in BW images)


Back lighting:

088 BW

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Letters to Our Children; March ~ North Oaks Child Photographer

Last month I wrote a letter to my daughter.  This month I’ll focus on my first born.

Dear Tyler,

What can I say . . . you make me laugh every day.  I think my favorite part of each day with you is when we sit and talk right before bed.  You’re silly, you’re sweet, you’re smart.  I love that you like to show me all the funny things you read the night before in whatever book you are reading.  I know you hate having your picture taken but lately you’ve been making a good time of it.  I appreciate whenever you let me get my camera in front of you.  And I love that you are starting to get ideas on what it is I should create.  Maybe soon we can collaborate on a project together.  Until then meet the . . .



the Reader


the Creative Soul


the Intellectual


the Boy


the Joker


the Entertainer


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