Quattrin Family Sneak Peeks ~ Tahoe Family Vacation Photographer

So as many of you know I was on vacation last week with my husband’s lovely family.  We were celebrating his parent’s 50th wedding anniversary up in Lake Tahoe, California.  I am so thankful for them because I know had it not been for their love and devotion all these years setting such a great example, my husband may not be the man he his today.  I have faith in our love and marriage because of the fine example they set for us. We may only be going on 12 but I know it won’t be long before we are celebrating our 50th with hopefully our children and grandchildren.

So while we were there with the whole family I was able to do a little extended family session.  I don’t normally do big family groups but because of this special occasion, how could I not?  I’m excited to have these images for years to come.  So let us get started on the sneak peeks shall we?

So if you follow me on Instagram (mqnphotography) you may have heard that a bear broke into our cabin and raided the fridge and counter top of donuts, beef patties, & hot dogs.  (He/she discarded a salad on the floor, I guess it wasn’t to their liking) All while we slept!  He also photobombed our family pictures so I had to clone him out but here is the original.  ;-)



Here is mom & dad and all their grandchildren.095


My husband’s youngest sister with her husband and son.117

That’s me with my kiddos and hubby! (Thanks to Antonio above for actually snapping this for me)125

This is my husband’s oldest sister with her daughter (yes the tall one is her daughter!)135


Are these not the most beautiful sisters you’ve ever seen?  Not only are they gorgeous on the outside but they are the sweetest women you’ll ever know.  My husband is the oldest with three younger sisters.  He sure had his hands full protecting them didn’t he?138

and the happy couple!  Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary Norm & Laurie!141


I’m hoping to finish up the rest super soon before Fall photo sessions start!

Arnold Family Sneak Peeks ~ North Oaks Minnesota Family & Child Photographer

What a wonderful session we had the other day.  I knew it was going to be fantastic when the little guy came running up to my car yelling my name basically saying how happy he was to have me there because he had lots of things to show me.  He said he remembered me from two years ago!  What can I say I make an impression, white shirt, pony tail ya I haven’t changed much.  lol.  Anyway here are just a few random images from our evening:

Arnold-009 Arnold-028 Arnold-043 Arnold-227

And then this happened!



Arnold 252 Arnold-245


You guys are awesome, I’ll  have your images ready by the end of the month!  Till then . . . .


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