Blahosky Boys Sneak Peeks ~ North Oaks Family & Child Photographer

The fall foliage may be gone but we still have beautiful golden light near sunset.  Had a fantastic time with these absolutely adorable little boys!  I wasn’t sure what to expect being that it was November and the leaves were all gone but boy was I not disappointed when I saw the light we got to work with.  Can’t wait to finish up these images.  Here is just a little sneak peek, enjoy!


Mini Sessions with Matilda Jane ~ Lindstrom/Chisago City Area Photographer

About once a year my friend and Matilda Jane trunk keeper, Kristine, and I collaborate on mini sessions for her clients.  (If you would like more information on Matilda Jane please contact Kristine, she has a Facebook Page and everything) Our sessions are always so much fun and this year was no exception! Kristine has this wonderful friend who owns some beautiful property who let us run wild on it!  We fed horses, we swung from ropes over hay bales, chased chickens and all while wearing some fantastic clothing.  Here is a sneak peek from our day:


All Shook Up ~ 1950’s Inspired Photo Session; Halloween 2015

Every year we try to do a theme session for the kids Halloween costumes.  I can’t believe after all these years they still choose to coordinate with each other!  I love it!  And even this year I told them they didn’t have to match but they wanted to.  I had a busy fall with clients so I didn’t get out with the kids as early as I wanted to but we managed to get out before Halloween and have some fun!  Tyler wanted to be Elvis but he wanted to be a young Elvis not the 1970’s lounge Elvis.  He ended up more Greaser than Elvis but that’s ok.  Enjoy!