Letters to Our Children; July ~ Minnesota Vacation Photographer

Dear Tyler & Kendall,

I’m going to make this brief and just tell you what a lovely time I had in Duluth you guys.  I didn’t take many pictures like I was hoping to but maybe that’s ok because I really got to be present and enjoy.  And it really made my day when I asked you, Tyler, what your favorite part of the trip was and you said “spending time with family”.  That’s really all I could ask for.  :-)  But I really know that your favorite part of the trip was learning to skip rocks in Lake Superior!  And Kendall I know your favorite thing was ice cream!

Here you guys are at the lake one day . . .

016 036 038 041 053

and here are a few with my phone camera:

DSC00033 DSC00048 sunburst DB

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Urban Child Session Sneak Peek ~ Minneapolis, Minnesota Child Photographer

I just love going to new locations!  I was so excited when this cutie’s parents wanted to do something a bit different than last time.  There are so many places to explore in Minneapolis, I hope to get there more often!  Here is the sneak peek from our session!

Hagen 025 Hagen 050 Hagen 074 Hagen 081 Hagen 102 Hagen 122

Welcome to the Carnival ~ Matilda Jane Trunk Show Mini Sessions

Oh I have so much fun at these sessions!  Last fall we did one and I’m so honored that Kristine Hubbard (Trunk Keeper extraordinaire) asked me back this summer for a little Carnival theme this time around.  I was a bit bummed about the rain and bugs striking but we really didn’t let it rain on our parade!  Hope you enjoy the sneak peeks from the day!  All families involved can expect their private galleries on the 8th!  And stayed tuned for favorites on Facebook once the sessions wrap up!

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Just Us 12 Times (June) ~ North Oaks, Minnesota Family Photographer

This month I was stumped for what to do for my be in the picture image.  Then we went to a car show and got a couple of snaps with me and the kids and I thought “ok that might have to work” but then my hubby came home from a business trip and wouldn’t you know it, he coordinated with me so I made him go out and take some pictures of us together because you know what?  We don’t really have many images of us together.  Its either me with the kids or him with the kids (well lets be honest it’s mainly him with the kids and blurry images of me with the kids).  But my little protege son took the reins and got some images of us together.  So here we are in June!  Enjoy!

011 014 025 030 036 038 040

And the photographer with his daddy . . . .



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