Letters to Our Children; October ~ North Oaks, Minnesota Birthday Party Photographer

Dear Tyler,

I can’t believe you turned 9!  This year you wanted a “homemade” party so you got one!  I am not the most creative when it comes to parties.  But it helped that you knew exactly what you wanted and basically we put this shin dig together ourselves.  It really made my day when you said “this is going to be the best birthday party EVER because it’s homemade”  :-) It would have been easier to just go to Zero Gravity but I’m glad we put something together that you loved.  It was a great day!  Happy Birthday big boy.

Birthday 1 Birthday 2

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Jennifer Hill 

Baby Cakes Turns 1 Family Sneak Peeks ~ North Oaks Minnesota Child & Family Photographer

I’m not sure where the time as gone but this sweet family has been with me for over a year now.  We’ve been photographing milestones every 3 months!  This time we wanted to document sweet baby cakes turning 1 and also the fall foliage!  Here are just a few random sneak peeks from our session at Hill Farm!

Quinn 027 Quinn 028 Quinn 083 Quinn 084


Kraus Sneak Peeks ~ North Oaks, Minnesota Child & Family Photographer

Had a lovely session with the Kraus family.  I was so excited to explore a bit of the trails behind our homes that I wasn’t familiar with.  I’m totally taking my kiddos back because I love this wood plank/bridge thing we found.  Anyway here are some of the random images from our session!

Kraus 021 Kraus 029 Kraus 084 Kraus 159 Kraus 207

Zeller Sneak Peeks ~ North Oaks, Minnesota Senior Photographer

I don’t normally do senior portraits but but when Peter’s mom asked if I would take him around the neighborhood, it was hard to say no.  Besides I love trying new things and he’d have to be easier than a two year old, right?  Definitely lower key than a toddler.  :-)  Peter is a great “kid” with lots of talent and he’s going places!  Enjoy your last year of high school!

Zeller 031 Zeller 054 Zeller 067 Zeller 113