About mQn Photography

mQn Photography is Michele Nicole Quattrin; I’m a California girl currently living in the Midwest. I have moved around a lot in the past few years. I have spent some time in Massachusetts and barely any in Indiana and now find myself settling in among the beautiful lakes of Minnesota.  I love the sunshine; when it streams through the windows, when it peeks through the trees, when it sparkles in the eyes. I’m always in search of that warm beautiful light. And to capture that in camera . . . well that just makes me smile.

I have always had a love for photographs. I remember as a little girl sitting with my grandmother going through all her old photo albums. She would tell me all the crazy stories that happened to her and her sisters and brothers. I would look at those images on paper all crinkly and aged and I could hear their laughter. It was beautiful. But my passion for photography didn’t really develop until college when I started a minor in Journalism. I always thought I wanted to be a writer until I took my first photojournalism class. I found a thrill taking a photograph that could say what 100 words could not.

Now I photograph children and families. mQn Photography was started in 2009, when a friend asked me to visit their family on vacation off the coast of Maine. She wanted images that showed her family living and not just what they looked like. She fell in love with her images and I fell in love photographing children and families in their element.

mQn Photography is a natural light photographer specializing in custom lifestyle portraiture. You will get beautiful lasting photographs that you’ll treasure and want to share for a lifetime.Lillipops 053 cgpro

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